Backyard Halloween Party Decor Ideas

Usually, when Halloween approaches, people start to make preparations, decorate their houses, their backyards and the front yards, choose their outfit and make plans for the big day. The outfit is probably the most important part, so make sure to start researching some Halloween costumes 2015 ideas if you want to be in the spotlight this Halloween. In case you decide you want to hold a Halloween party in your backyard, then you definitely need some inspiration, in order to create the perfect decor. Here are some backyard Halloween party decor ideas.

Small decorative pumpkins

You can start to decorate your backyard for the Halloween party, by placing some beautiful decorative pumpkins on the table, with some small candles inside them. You must light them up, for a beautiful effect. You will find on the market many decorative pumpkins in lots of sizes. Or, even better, you can create them yourself, using a few oranges. Whatever you choose to do, they will look absolutely incredible on your table.

Beautiful decorations

In case you have a big tree in your back yard, a good idea is hanging some old fashioned dresses in different colors and sizes, with some lightning inside them. I don’t know if they will have a scarring effect, but they will certainly impress your guests.

Light effects

For a mysterious look, you don’t need too much lightning elements. A perfect idea would be to place some transparent jars with some small candles inside them. You can place as many as you would like, everywhere in your back yard. It’s up to you if you want to place some of them on the table as well. It would certainly be a good idea.

Traditional Halloween big pumpkins

Pumpkins are very traditional when it comes to Halloween. You can cut out some big pumpkins in different shape and add some candles inside them for a beautiful effect. You can create different faces on the pumpkins, scary or funny. It is up to you what you choose to do. In this picture, the pumpkins have a message, and that is ”BOO!”. Ingenious isn’t it?!

Terrifying backyard cemetery

In case you have a large backyard, you can create a fake cemetery, in order to add a terrifying touch to the whole Halloween party decor. Place some fake grave stones and a few skeletons, and the design will be absolutely horrifying. You can buy the decorations that you need, from the specific shops. After doing so, you will probably be impatient to see your guests reaction. This is without any doubt, one of the best backyard Halloween party decor ideas.

Written by Micky Jones