Best Compact Dishwashers for Small Kitchens

Shopping for kitchen appliances is never easy. If you ever need advice in this matter, we found an excellent website, which we believe many of you will find very informative: On this website, you will find useful tips for choosing the right appliances. As far as dishwashers are concerned, their size is a big problem for many people. Space is an often problem in many households and it creates difficulties when it comes to decorating and equipping the kitchen. Fortunately, now you can enjoy the comfort of a dishwasher even if you have a small kitchen thanks to the compact dishwashers. Read on to discover the best compact dishwashers that will fit your small kitchen.

Frigidaire FFPD1821MB 18” compact dishwasher

When it comes to compact, nothing can beat this 18” dishwasher than can be slipped into any corner of your kitchen and thanks to its wheels, you can easily move it from one place to another and even store it in a closet. The sleek finish makes it as attractive as a regular-size dishwasher and the included features allow it to compete with any other model. You will enjoy one-touch operation on a wide control panel, 6 washing cycles including an Energy Saver Plus cycle, 4 wash levels, a delay- start feature and a heated dry feature that allows you reduce the energy consumption.

Danby DDW611WLED 22” countertop dishwasher

When it comes to compact dishwashers, the countertop models are an excellent choice for small kitchens that do not offer a wide storage space. This model can hold up to 6 place settings, it perfectly fits your counter and it attaches to the tap for easy operation. The stainless steel interior makes it a very durable model, and features like the 6 washing cycles and the LED display make it very convenient to use. It is also an energy-efficient model with a low energy and water consumption that will help you save money while offering you the comfort of owning a dishwasher.

Fisher & Paykel 24” drawer dishwasher

Another great option for small kitchens is the drawer dishwasher that fits your kitchen cabinet and eliminates the space concern. This Energy Star-rated model is a silent option with a generous interior that allows you to design it according to your needs. It can hold up to 7 place settings and the 9 washing cycles offer maximum convenience and versatility. The dishwasher has a hidden electronic control panel with control lock that perfectly balances the stylish design and the ease of use while eliminating error changes.

If none of the dishwashers presented above appeal to your needs, check out more reviews online. These were our top three choices, but the dishwasher market is very versatile and there are numerous other models to choose from. Just make sure to read several reviews before buying a certain unit.

Written by Lynda Perry