Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

A contemporary home design is literally a dynamic style which borrows bits and pieces from a variety of styles. It is the opposite of the classic style. If you consider yourself a lover of this style and if you decide to decorate the interior of your house using contemporary elements, then have a look at the bellow article for some inspiring ideas.

Make it simple yet contemporary

  1. Decorate your house or one of the rooms in a contemporary style by using simplicity. A contemporary design involves using natural materials such as stone and cedar which are often mixed with concrete, steel or other industrial materials.
  2. Clean lines, basic forms, beautiful and yet simple shapes of the furniture and a focus on comfort are the essential particularities of a contemporary home design For a minimal yet contemporary design, choose furniture made out of light-colored woods such as birch or maple. Designers all over the world have created contemporary furniture that reflects a more approach to living. In order to give a weightlessness appeal to the interior, get rid of the stuffy and heavy ornamentation and choose to attach the shelves to the wall or choose shelves that are actually build in the wall.
  3. Choose bright and warm colors for all the elements in the room. You can choose to paint the walls in taupe, cream or pure white. Some people choose brown as well,but you have to make sure your room is big enough, otherwise this color will make it look really small. Splashes of color are welcome but definitely only on a single wall. Just because you use neutral colors doesn’t mean your home will look boring. Try beige with some gold, beige with a hint of pink, or gray with a touch of green.
  4. A soft rug, some throw pillows and some artistic accessories are an excellent choice. For a textural aspect and inherent neutral hues choose throw pillows and curtains that are made of natural and organic fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton or linen.
  5. Add fine contemporary elements that get noticed such as lamps with sleek metallic finishes and straight lines. Choose some photo frames in the same hue.
  6. Having an open floor plan creates a unified aesthetic throughout your home and is iconic in contemporary homes. Go for a beige one and everything will look absolutely incredible.
  7. The ”hidden details” are part of the contemporary style. The television and the remote controls for controlling electronics, lighting, security and heating/cooling systems are all hidden behind the beautiful details.

Written by Micky Jones