Creative Ideas for Turning Your Backyard into a Playground for Your Kids

When you have children, taking them to the playground becomes a must. Maybe you don’t have enough free time to take them as often as they would like to go and that’s why you should think about creating your own playground in the backyard of your home. Here are some creative ideas that might inspire you if you decide to turn your backyard into a playground for your kids.

Hanging chairs

As a child you love to run and play but sometimes you just need to sit down and relax. Choosing some hanging chairs in different colors is a good idea and your kids will definitely love them.


You can find lots of playhouses on the market, in different colors, sizes and shapes. Choose the one that your children will like most. It can be a little bit expensive, so in case you can’t afford it, just start building one.

Go for a tire swing

If you have old tires, you can recycle them by making fun swings for your children. You need to have a chain and something to hang the swing from, like a tree. For a better look of the tires you can paint them in bright colors.

Climbing wall

You can get a climbing wall especially designed for young children and place it in your backyard. The kids will absolutely love it and they will get the daily dose of exercise and will also have fun in the same time. For the kids’ safety, place a mattress on the ground.

Melody pole

Every playground should have one of these. It is fun and creative for children. You can also create a music fence by using a fence panel and some objects which you think make a sound such as old pans, pots or wooden spoons.

Water balloons

This is an easy way for your children to have lots of fun in the summer when it’s really warm outside. Take some colorful balloons and fill them with water. Hang them anywhere you want in your garden and turn them into a pinata for your kids. They could also throw them from one to another until they explode.

Chalkboard table

Having a chalkboard table will definitely allow your kids to be creative and have fun at the same time.

It’s time for picnic

It is a known fact that when children play, they even forget about eating. A good idea would be to set up a picnic area for them where they can have their lunch. Use colorful blankets, flowers, pillows and everything that will make the picnic area more comfortable and attractive.

Written by Micky Jones