Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If your house has an extra room, you can turn it into a guest bedroom for friends or relatives who visit you and want to place to sleep overnight. More comfortable than a living room sofa, the guest bedroom is a hospitable place where you host your guests and it has to be clean, cozy and it should include everything that is required in a bedroom, meaning a bed, a closet and perhaps a vanity area or an armchair for late night reading. Get your inspiration from the following ideas of guest bedroom decors.

    • Considering that you are not decorating a bedroom for a little girl or a boy and you must not follow anyone’s indications, you can go for any color pallet you want. This guest bedroom is a nude one, decorated in pale and soft colors, but you can choose any color you want. The beige shades blend into a nude background where the centerpiece is the master bed with a tall mattress. This is one of the main aspects you should consider in a guest bedroom since you want your guests to sleep well. Invest in a quality mattress that will help them rest set soft linens that you change regularly and make the bedroom as cozy as you can. If you don’t know which mattress to choose, stop by a mattress comparison website and check out some mattress reviews.
    • This is a bolder option, decorated in a strong light green. The background is creamy and the green accents are inserted almost everywhere, from the wall behind the bed to the curtains, the linens, and the futuristic chair. The fresh air created by the green décor is completed by the furniture in straight modern lines, the stylish lamp on the short bedside table and the stylish rug.
    • If you don’t have an extra room available, a great idea for a guest bedroom is to arrange it in your office. Considering that your guests will only stay for a few days, you can offer them the room that hosts your office. When you decorate the office, remember to save a little corner for a small, yet cozy bed next to the stylish shelves on the walls. Opt for light colors and create focus points using decorations in strong colors like an interesting rug or a printed wallpaper.
    • Even small rooms can become a guest bedroom if you use your imagination and you look for smart storage options. A tall bed with storing drawers can eliminate the need for a large wardrobe while some shelves on the walls above the working table can hold some personal items. A striped rug will create the feeling of a wider room while the light colors make the room look airy and more spacious than it really is.

Written by Lynda Perry