House Improvement Ideas that Ensure the Safety of Your Elderly Parents

As your parents get old, you start worrying about their health condition and their safety in their homes, because they tend to become weaker and more prone to accidents and diseases. While periodic health checks help them keep an eye on their health and prevent various diseases, some home improvements keep them safe from injuries and accidents. Here are some home improvement ideas that ensure the safety of your elderly parents.

Equip the house with all the necessary appliances

Seniors start to experience bones and joints pain and become less active and less vigilant. Simple household chores that used to be a piece of cake can now become hard or impossible to perform, so you should equip your parents’ house with all the necessary appliances and devices. Get them an efficient dishwasher to spare them the effort of washing the dishes, a lawn mower that will allow them to maintain their garden neat without much effort and a snow blower for those snowy winters. As for the old appliances in your parents’ house, make sure they work properly and replace any unit that can be an electrical hazard.

Install a stair lift for easy stair climbing

Houses with multiple floors are extremely dangerous for elders who have difficulties in climbing the stairs and could easily fall and hurt themselves. In this case, a stair lift is the most useful device that will help your elderly parents go from one floor to another without any trouble. The stair lift contains a chair or a platform that can transport up and down the stairs a standing person or one in a wheelchair in perfect safety and without causing them pain or discomfort.

Repair any ramshackle item that could become dangerous

The durability of the house is very important and any crack in the floors or walls could become a health and safety threat. Therefore, make sure you repair any shaky floor, any unstable wall or door, and any leaking or broken pipe that would make the floors slippery to make sure your parents won’t fall or stumble upon something. Replace the old door knobs that could fall apart with new ones that are easy to grab and handle.

Assure access for mobility scooters

If your parents use a mobility scooter, is very important that they have easy access in their yard and house to maneuver the scooter easily and safely. Any tall threshold could flip the unit over and narrow doors and hallways can make access impossible, so make sure you consider fixing these shortcomings to assure that your parents can drive their mobility scooter at home.

Written by Lynda Perry