How to Build an Indoor Garden from Scratch

Although it doesn’t enjoy the same benefits from nature as the outdoor garden, the indoor garden can be as productive and thriving if you know how to correctly build it and how to care for it. If this is the first time you try to build an indoor garden, here are some essential tips you should you should know and some advice that will help you create a successful garden.

Decide on the type of gardening you want to start

When you decide to garden indoors, you have two styles to choose from, namely a container garden or a hydroponic garden. The first gardening style consists of a series of containers that hold the plants and require traditional soil and gardening methods. In the container garden, you can grow any type of plants you want, from decorative plants to fruits and vegetable. The second style of gardening is a special one that uses fertilized water and non-soil starters for the plants, it requires little space that can result in plenty of fruits and is mostly used for growing vegetables and fruits.

Choose the right place for your indoor garden

The next step in building an indoor garden is to choose where you will place it. A successful garden relays on a warm place, with wide windows that deliver enough sunlight. People usually use balconies that are spacious and bright, but you can choose any other room of your house that meets these conditions. However, you should avoid cold rooms like attics and garages or rooms with fans, air vents or air conditioners because cold air can destroy the plants.

Control the growing environment

The reason most people build an indoor garden is to be able to entirely control and adjust the environment, so make sure you do so. Temperature, light and water are essential elements for any plant and it is up to you to assure proper levels in your indoor garden. If it’s impossible for you to place the garden in a sunny room, then you must use a led grow light system, a sort of lamp that creates a full spectrum of light that encourages plants to grow and bloom indoors. Stop by a grow light reviews site if you wish to learn more about this type of artificial light. As for temperature, you can try soil mats that can make the soil warm during cold days of winter. To make sure your plants have enough water, install a dripping system that will deliver water in short amounts based on a timer that can be set according to a watering schedule.

Written by Lynda Perry