How to Create a Cozy Patio Design

Patios are great for creating relaxation areas where you can rest after o long day or where you can organize a family dinner or a party. Depending on the size of your patio and your design tastes, there are many ways to decorate a patio, but if you want to obtain a place where you will feel comfortable, you have to look for decorating ideas that include soft beds, many cushions, and a warm ambiance. Here are some ideas on how to create a cozy patio design that combines gorgeous items with the beauty of nature.

    • This is one idea of a cozy patio that surely inspires warmth, rest and comfort. The large pavilion is great for protecting the patio from rain and the diaphanous white curtains will protect you from the wind, besides creating a gorgeous background. The precious metal frame of the patio furniture is successfully combined with the large pillows in delicate shades of beige and light green, creating a set that invites you to sit and relax. Thriving plants around the patio will increase the feeling of comfort and peace.
    • If you have a large covered patio, you can divide it to several areas that will serve many purposes. You can build a small outdoor kitchen with a kitchen island that contains all the necessary equipment for cooking right next to a dining area with wooden table and chairs. The cozy effect will be brought by the sofa and armchairs covered with large soft cushions. Being a covered surface, you can enjoy the patio all year long, but to make sure you will feel cozy during cold days and chilly nights, you should use an infrared heater that will deliver warmth. This type of heater will warm the objects on the patio and not the air, meaning you don’t have to worry about warmth lost due to currents of air.
    • You will always feel cozy sitting on a patio created in the middle of your garden, surrounded by green plants that fill you with a fresh air. Therefore, if you are a gardening passionate, you can successfully create a patio in the garden. You will need a stone or a wooden surface that is easy to maintain and to clean and a set of garden furniture that will become the relaxation place for your late weekend breakfasts. The soft cushions will make you feel comfortable while you sit at the tall stylish table, and the white parasol will protect you from the sun rays.

Written by Lynda Perry