How to Decorate Your House for a Fun Halloween

If you’re throwing a Halloween party and you have invited all your friends, you surely want to impress them. Of course, your Halloween costume is essential, so make sure to choose a good one. For inspirations, search the web for some cool costume ideas. Nevertheless, your costume is just part of the package. If you really want to throw an amazing Halloween party, you should decorate your house in a funny and scary way. Here are some ideas of decorations that will turn your house into a spooky land and will make you and your friends feel the spirit of Halloween.

Cheeky pumpkin puppets

These naughty puppets are sure to put a smile on your friends’ faces the moment they arrive in your front yard, and with the hilarious look of the puppets, no one can blame them for smiling instead if shouting with fear. To make these pumpkin puppets, you will need some clothes, a few pumpkins, and some skills to make them stand without crumbling to the ground. But once they are done, they will make great funny decorations.

Crashed witch

This version of “Don’t text and drive” is adapted to Halloween and it makes a great front porch decoration. You can use a regular witch costume that you wrap around one of the pillars of your porch or around a tree in your front yard. Hang a broom near the witch to make it look like she had a broom crash while she was flying and set a sign that reads “Don’t text and fly”.

Simulate a UFO landing on your lawn

While most Halloween decorations imply skeletons, witches, and zombies, you can be more inventive and turn your front lawn into a UFO landing spot. You will have to build a model cardboard UFO and place it on the lawn, with one edge stuck into the ground, as if it remained stuck there. Place an alien dummy next to the UFO crash and surround the area with yellow police tape to make it look like a crime scene.

Create a Halloween-themed buffet

If you are planning on organizing a candy buffet for Halloween, make it look really nice with some effective decorations. Place a black tablecloth or one that looks like a spider web for an intense Halloween effect, place the candy jars and trays and decorate the table with fake spiders, mice, skeleton heads and candles.

Make glass jars lanterns

Pumpkins are great lanterns for Halloween, but if you want to create unique decorations, you can turn your old empty glass jars into Halloween lanterns. Paint the jars in orange and draw smiley, silly or angry faces on them, then place small led lights inside them to make them light the house in the dark.

Written by Lynda Perry