How to Give Your Home a Steampunk Vibe

In terms of interior design this is a style that most people haven’t heard of. The steampunk trend is actually a mixture of industrial style elements and Victorian elegant accessories. For those who don’t know what details to use in order to define this concept, have a look at the following ideas about how to give your home a steampunk vibe.

Use refurbished furniture

Do not be afraid to use refurbished furniture. It will look absolutely gorgeous and it won’t be necessary to pay anything. In case you have a big budget, then definitely go for new furniture specific to the Victorian age.

Decorate your interior with old photos or maps

Using old maps or old photos to decorate the walls means that you will add a bit of story to the décor. Just frame them in Victorian style frames in order to integrate them perfectly in your décor.

Expose leather sofas, chairs or other items

The Victorian leather sofas are some of the main features of the steampunk style. If you can’t afford one, at least get some chairs or an armchair. It will give a feeling of elegance and the leather will actually increase the luxury level of your home. In case you have an old steamer trunk and you were thinking of throwing it away, think twice. It will fit perfectly in your living room as a coffee table and everyone will notice it. It will definitely make a statement.

The right decorative objects will make the difference

You can play a little bit and add some decorative objects that follow the industrial style. A gear wall clock will look absolutely fabulous. On the shelves you can either display old books or just put some sepia pictures in old frames. Your interior would look fantastic if you add a chandelier, but only if you have high ceilings. Another option would be to add a steampunk hanging light that has a metal cover which shows its age with grime, patina and form. Antique items, like telescopes or typewriters will make the difference. In case you have anything like that, do not hesitate and display them all over the house.

Don’t forget about the walls

Walls are very important when it comes to the steampunk vibe. Dare and use wallpaper with a Victorian pattern. On the market you can find wallpapers with lots of different patterns that will definitely give a steampunk vibe to your interior.

Written by Micky Jones