How to Keep Your House Warm in the Cold Season

Once the cold season approaches, you are certainly looking for ways to keep your house warm without using too much power and without investing in expensive heating systems. Discover below some wise ways of raising the temperatures indoors and keeping a warm house without resorting to expensive heating solutions.

Use an infrared heater

Most homes require a heater, but not every model is efficient in keeping a high temperature and a low electricity bill. The infrared heater is a reliable heating system that can keep your house warm even in the coldest days without over-raising the electricity bill. This type of heater emits waves of infrared light, which are then absorbed by the objects and bodies in the room, meaning you will enjoy warm beds, carpets or chairs that will not become cold once the warm air is lost. This way, the infrared heater manages to warm your house with durable and efficient heat without requiring too much energy. If you want to see which are the best infrared heaters, go to a heater review website, where you will find the best units analyzed according to their key features.

Keep the walls warm

A well-insulated house can keep up to 45% more warmth during cold days when the outside temperatures decrease and influence the inside ambiance. An insulated house gets warm faster, meaning you will pay for less energy and the warm air inside the house will last longer. Although the insulation implies additional costs, the investment will pay for itself in the long run, once you will start paying less on your electricity bill.

Warm the floors

Not only the walls can retain the warm air, but the floors can also contribute to the level of indoor warmth during the cold season. Since heat is more likely to escape through cold and creaky floors, use rugs and carpets to trap the heat in a room, especially if the room tends to get very cold. You can also install a floor heating system underneath your regular floors to keep them warm and to maintain a high temperature indoors.

Let the sun warm your house

The way natural sunlight reaches your house has an important part in keeping your house warm. When the sun rays hit your windows, they turn into infrared rays that warm up the air in the room, so take advantage of the time the sun shines during the cold season. Keep your blinds and curtains up on windows that cafe North and West to make sure you enjoy every warm ray and keep the South windows covered as these tend to get cold and to emit the coldness.

Written by Lynda Perry