How to Prevent and Fix Cracks in Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is available in many designs and styles to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. If you are planning to extend the lifetime of wood furniture, learn how to maintain and prevent from scratching or cracking. Cracks can spoil the look of your furniture, depending on how obvious they are. You can repair the cracks in your furniture if you use certain materials and techniques as those presented below.

How to keep it from cracking

In order to ensure that the wood furniture will last for the years to come, without damaging or cracking, you’ll have to keep it in low light, away from direct sunlight. The heat and light caused by the sun rays will eventually dry your furniture extremely fast causing to crack and split.
It’s also important to maintain an ideal level of humidity in your home, somewhere between 45% and 50%. Crack most often appear when the air is too dry and the level of humidity is below normal values. Therefore, consider installing a humidifier in order to prevent cracking and splitting of the wood furniture.

Simple yet efficient ways to fix cracks

The first step that you have to do is to take some safety measures. Wear work gloves to protect your hands and open the windows in the room to allow adequate air circulation. Then you’ll have to dampen a microfiber cloth with some diluent. Rub the damp cloth using circular movements on the damaged part of the furniture to remove any grease, dirt, oil and dust. Use a clean paper towel to wipe any excess until it is completely dry.
Extract all the debris from the crack using a small vacuum. Apply some wood putty to the crack using a putty knife. Wood putty (or sealer) is a product that is very easy to apply. It is usually applied with a spatula; the width can vary depending on the repairs you need to do. For tiny cracks, you can use a painter’s spatula from those found in plastic art shops, that have a thin, flexible blade. Use some tape to surround the aggravated area, so that the wood sealer doesn’t exceeds the surface of the wood and to ensure that it stays put. Once the product is set, remove the tape and let it dry for the time specified on the packaging. Completely fill the crack with wood putty but try to use a putty color that best matches the furniture. Wipe excess wood putty with a paper towel and allow the putty to dry for the time recommended by the product manufacturer. Rub the sandpaper diagonally on the dried wood putty until it is completely smooth. Follow the direction of the wood grain.Wipe the wood with paper towels until it’s completely dry.

Written by Janet Swift