How to Refurbish Old Furniture

Would you like to redecorate your home without spending lots of money on buying new furniture? If so, then you should consider keeping the old one and refurbish it. Here are some great ideas about how to do that in order to make old stuff look new again.

Metal furniture

In case you have any metal furniture in your house which you want to keep,a good idea would be to restore it.
1. The first step is to use a wire brush in order to remove any loose pieces of rust.
2.After you have done this, use a palm sander to remove the rest of the rust. You can try and sand by hand as well, but it will take much longer. This way you will get to those hard to reach areas. Sand until the entire furniture feels smooth to the touch.
3.It is now time to wipe it down with solvent, for a better cleaning and in order to be ready for priming and painting. Try to spray as slowly as you can for a consistent spray pattern and to avoid overspray and drips. Apply the primer three times by allowing it to dry between each application. Once it is dry, look carefully if the surface feels a little coarse and if it does, you have to lightly sand it with very fine sandpaper. Before moving on, remove the dust by using a tack cloth.
4. Now you can spray it by using a high-quality oil-based spray paint to prevent rust. Apply three times by allowing it to dry between applications.
5. After you have painted it, you can protect your newly refurbished metal furniture with sealer.

Wood furniture

1.Before you start the process of refurbishing you must clean the furniture by washing it with water and soap. This way you will remove the dirt and grim. You can dry it by using a clean towel.
2. Remove white rings using petroleum jelly or other special removers.
3.Use a delicate paint scraper to scrape the paint without damaging the finish.
4.If you find missing veneer or chipped wood you can fix it easily with epoxy putty. It takes a few hours for the epoxy to harden completely but after that you can sand and stain the repair.
5. It is now time to restore the color with gel stain. This way you will hide fine scratches and color in areas where the finish has worn away.
6. If your furniture has cracks, you can fill them by using a special wax. The final step is to wipe on a coat of finish. This will restore the sheen and protect the surface. Your restoration project has now come to an end and you can proudly display the furniture in your home.

Written by Micky Jones