How to Take Care of Curtains and Drapes

The purpose of curtains and drapes is to beautify a room, to add it personality, elegance, to make the room look neat and complete. However, bad-looking curtains and drapes can have the opposite effect and can ruin the beautiful aspect of a room and make it look sloppy, so you should pay extra attention when it comes to curtains and drapes maintenance. If you want them to look fabulous and to enhance the beauty of your house, check out these tips on how to take care of your curtains and drapes.

Curtains and drapes care tips

    • Curtains are usually made of soft and delicate fabrics like veil or silk and require special are when it comes to washing and cleaning. It’s best that you hand wash the curtains because the washing machine can damage the soft fabrics. The rotations of the machine’s tub and the spins it makes while draining the water causes the curtains to tear, so make an effort and wash them by hand if you want to enjoy perfectly-looking curtains.
    • Fill the tub with lukewarm water and add a soft soap detergent that will not scratch the silky fabrics and will make them smooth. Gently wash the curtains and scrub them with a small amount of pressure if there is any stubborn stain on the curtains. Rinse the curtains with plenty of water and hang them on a tall string to let the water run out of the fabrics. Avoid squishing the curtains to make sure you will not tear the fabrics and let them dry out before you can hang them on your windows.
    • If your curtains require ironing, use a clothes steamer instead of a regular iron to avoid any damage on the fabrics. The clothes steamer releases powerful hot steam that penetrates the curtains and removes any wrinkle and the best part is that you can iron the curtains after hanging them on the windows.
    • Drapes are usually made of thicker fabrics that are not as sensitive as silk and veil, but you should also be careful with them. You can wash them in the washing machine at low temperatures and using a low spin cycle.
    • Drapes can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner every once in a week or two, to remove the dust and allergens that gather inside the fabrics.
    • The clothes steamer is a great mean of cleaning the drapes, not only to remove their wrinkles. Use the steamer occasionally to let the steam penetrate the thick fabrics and to kill all the bacteria and germs that gather there. Attach the soft brush of the steamer to smooth the fabric and to make it look shiny and clean.

Written by Lynda Perry