How to Use Accent Lights Outdoors

Keep in mind that you can make your yard, garden or patio look beautiful even during the night with carefully chosen lighting. The key is to keep it simple and don’t overcrowd the space with too many lights. Remember that you can combine a variety of lights to create a beautiful and pleasant ambiance. In this article you will teach you how to use accent lights in an outdoor space.

Make a plan

Before embarking on this project, ask yourself what are your purposes for installing accent lights. Maybe you want to highlight a path leading to a garden or illuminate the door for security reasons. Knowing all these aspects can help you in knowing what types of lights to buy. There are many types of outdoor lights to choose from, so having a theme or style in mind can help you make a quicker decision. You can then proceed making a sketch so that you know where and how to place the lights.

Decide where accent light should be placed

If you want to illuminate the door or a bench consider placing a tall pole lamp behind it. If you want to highlight a path leading to your house and welcome your guests that way, place short stake lights on one side or both sides of the stairs. You can also choose to make a water fountain stand out with the help of a spot light.

Think about costs

Most accent lights are not as cheap as you may think. Know that low-voltage landscape lighting can cost almost $30 but if you want to ensure that the lights will last for a long time, you need to invest more money. The most expensive landscape lighting is the high voltage lighting that costs almost $100. On the other hand, the least expensive is solar lighting, as they rely upon the rays of the sun to generate electricity.

Setting up the landscape lighting

  • To highlight a single item in your garden or yard, consider using landscape lights that have lower intensity bulbs. Avoid placing them too close, otherwise they will create harsh and unpleasant looking shadows.
  • Garden paths can be illuminated with accent lights that make soft spots of light and create a romantic ambiance. If you want to turn the the garden or patio into a magical place add a couple of blue tinted lights.
  • Accents lights can be used to make the trees stand out and create a otherworldly ambiance in your garden. If you want to highlight a tree of average size use a couple of spot fixtures and some landscape lights to highlight the trunk of the tree. To illuminate a larger tree use 4-5 ligh fixtures and select bulbs with wider beam spreads.

Written by Janet Swift