Perennial Garden Design

Perennials are relatively easy to grow and offer a variety of textures, forms and colors. Here are some great ideas of perennial garden design which will teach you how to create color schemes for a garden of perennials.

Step 1

Perennials do not bloom all season long. When creating a perennial garden it is important that you know when and for how long a particular perennial, blooms. Here are some examples of perennials:
1.Lady’s Mantle
This looks more like a plant than a flower. You can plant it from late spring through early summer. The gray-green leaves are absolutely beautiful. The best place to plant it is in full sun or partially shade.
This flower is just six inches tall and it has a vibrant electric blue color. It blooms in early spring and lasts until summer.
On this low-growing plant, you will find gorgeous pink blossoms that emit a delightful clove scent. It blooms late spring/early summer.
These yellow-dark red flowers can persist until October. They need full sun and they bloom mid-late summer.
5.Bleeding heart
This sort of flower has attractive mounded foliage with arching stems of delicate, pink, heart-shaped flowers. They have to be planted in partial shade and bloom in mid-late summer.
This is an excellent ground cover perennial for shady areas. Its spreading foliage and the colorful flowers are amazing. It blooms mid-late summer.
7.Foam flowers
These charming flowers light up even places under pines in dry shade. They have a sweet scent and blooms late spring/early summer.

Step 2

Once you found out the blooming season of each perennial, you should decide which ones you want to have in your garden. Some of them have colorful flowers whereas others have attractive foliage. An option would be to surround early bloomers that don’t look very good in August with good foliage plants or strong late bloomers. Doing that, you will avoid the gaps and unsightly holes.It is important that you group the perennials together in drifts in order to create a more striking effect in the garden. Make the garden as wide as possible. This will allow your plants to grow beautifully. Place the plants that are different next to each other. This combination will look fantastic. Repeat the same combination of flowers in a different spot in the garden. Don’t be afraid of choosing different types and colors. Combine the perennials with heavy foliage with the ones with delicate lacy foliage.

Written by Micky Jones