Rustic Interior Decorating Ideas

Earthy materials, natural hues and natural wood accents are the main elements that you should use when creating a rustic interior. A rustic decor brings extreme coziness and warmness and when decorating your interior with different textures and undertones, a neutral room will come to life. In order to get some inspiration, check out the following rustic home decorating ideas.

The bathroom

1.When it comes to rustic bathrooms, then you should definitely go for a standalone bathtub, a traditional ceramic pedestal sink, an alcove shower, a two piece toilet, beige tiles and wood cabinets.
2.Paint the walls in beige or other tones such as green or golden brown for a rustic feel and hang a mirror with a wood frame above the sink.
3.The cabinets must come in the same color as the frame of the mirror and the floor. With the right accessories everything will look incredible.

Reinvent your living room

1.Choosing the right type of furniture can be challenging but fortunately you have lots of options in terms of rustic interior decorating ideas. You can choose light or dark brown, but it definitely has to be wooden. Choose it according to your taste and the rustic style you want to create.
2. In order to make the base for such a design, you should get a rustic fireplace and decorate it with stones or even with rough wood.
3.High ceilings and natural dark wooden floors decorated with old wooden beams are the perfect start when creating a rustic room.
4.You can also place, an oversized snuggler armchair somewhere in the room , preferably next to the fireplace, where you can just relax and warm up after a long day. You will absolutely love it!
5.Take a bit of risk and add some interesting accents such as decorative displays or amazing artwork.

Do you want a cozy bedroom? Then go for a rustic one

Having a rustic bedroom will definitely inspire peace, warmth and coziness each time you step into the room. In case you have a big bedroom then you are lucky because you can make it romantic yet rustic by adding a small fireplace. If you are not very talented with mixing and matching colors, you can just paint all the walls in white. Since you are going to have white walls, the bed must stand out. You can buy any bed set you want, because anything matches with white anyway. You have the option to buy a traditional carpet or a weave rug which is actually more durable and easier to clean. Instead of buying a new shelf, how about recycling an old one by repainting it in white and just putting some books and an old lamp on it. To finish your work of art get some old school chandeliers made of horns or wood.

The rustic home decorating ideas presented in this article will help you transform your interior into a cozy retreat. Moreover, after seeing your home, your friends will want to change their interiors as well into places that inspires warmth, elegance and comfort.

Written by Micky Jones