Tips for a Successful Basement Remodeling Project

Remodeling the basement is actually an extremely efficient way to expand your indoor living space without having to move. You can have enough space to install a master bedroom, a playroom for children, a home theater for the whole family or even your living room. In this article, you will find some useful tips for remodeling your basement in best way possible.

Cheapest way to remodel the basement

If you are on a tight budget and you want to save money, a good tip would be to furnish your basement with furniture bought from thrift stores. You can also look for cheap furniture and decoration items in second hand stores. Maybe you’ll find something amazing and unique. Here’s another tip: build a cheap desk by placing an unfinished door on top of two cabinets and paint it as you wish. Visit the department of home improvement and discount stores for inexpensive garden sets of outdoor furniture to use in the basement.

Dealing with basement stairs

The original staircase is generally narrow and very steep. If you have decided to create a bedroom or a guests room in the basement, the stairs will be used many times a day, so you have to ensure that the stairs are both safe and comfortable. If you are not too handy, it’s recommended to ask the help of a professional that will help you achieve the best results. Don’t overlook this step because it’s extremely important to make sure that the stairs don’t pose any safety hazards.

Health hazards in the basement

Before you start decorating the basement area, be sure to make it a healthy and safe place to live. For instance, if you are dealing with high humidify, take care of this problem first by installing a dehumidifier. The best solution would be to install a basement dehumidifier that will help restore a normal level of humidity in the basement area. This way, you can remove the mold spores that are everywhere: in your furniture, on your walls, cabinets and so on. Furthermore, as an extra measure you can choose to apply a waterproof coating to protect the walls from getting damp.

Creating a game room

A good way to increase the comfort in your basement and turn in into a place where all your family and friends can gather around and have some fun is to create a game room. If you want to create a game room in your basement, you should think about insulating the walls, adding windows and a heater as well to keep you warm during colder months. Opt for comfortable flooring: such as vinyl flooring, which is easy to maintain.

Written by Janet Swift