Tips for Designing a Natural Swimming Pool

As public pools can get quite expensive, especially during the summer, you can consider making your own swimming pool. Maintaining a swimming pool is not easy, you have to use chemicals to keep the water clean and change it regularly. With a natural swimming pool, there’s no need to use chemicals or spend a lot of time cleaning it. A natural swimming pool will get a hold of you eventually. Here’s how to achieve that pond look appearance.

Choose the location

If you don’t have enough room to make a swimming pool, don’t waste your time embarking on this project. Go for a small pond instead or an alluring water basin. Natural swimming pools need more space than regular ones, because you must have room for both a plant zone that will act as a natural filtration system and for a swimming area, obviously. At least 50% of your pool’s surface should be covered in plants so you’ll have to choose a space that’s large enough to accommodate shallow plants. You can choose to make it as shallow as you like, but the sides are all that count here.To stop the soil from caving it, make the side more abrupt.

Lining material is key

When designing a natural swimming pool, you must look for natural materials that will form a strong bond to hold water. Bentonite clay is a great choice because it binds with the soil and stops the water from going through the layers. If you are dealing with dry soil, consider adding a plastic liner so that the bentonite clay stays put.If you prefer you can add a layer of gravel but make sure it’s clean.

Ensure proper filtration

To keep the plants from drifting away, create a physical barrier between the plant area and swimming area. A simple solution is to place a thin rim a couple of inches below the water surface. You’ll have to make sure the water moves constantly through the pool so that the water gets filtered very often. A great tip is to add a pump and an underwater aeration system to ensure that the water receives oxygen so that the plants stay healthy.

Additional features

After you’ve finished creating your natural swimming pool, think about adding other features that will enhance the overall appearance of the pool. To access the swimming pool much easier, build some stone paths and stairs that will make a path to the pool. You can also add a small waterfall to complement the overall design of the swimming pool and help water move continuously through the pool.

Pool maintenance tips

Whether your pool is small or big, you need to know a few things in order to keep it clean. First of all, you will need to use chlorine in order to kill most of the dangerous chemicals found in tap water. Secondly, you will need a pool cleaner. We advise you to opt for a robotic pool cleaner, which gets the job done, without needing anything from you. If you take a look at some of the most advanced automatic pool cleaners, you will see that they can even be programmed to start cleaning at certain hours, after which they go to their charging stations by themselves. If you need help deciding on which pool cleaner to buy, visit a robotic cleaner review website, where you will find all the data necessary for making an informed purchase.

Written by Janet Swift